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Sale Transactions

Selling a family business can be a complex, challenging, and emotional decision. That’s why the right partner can make all the difference. At True North, our approach to our sell-side practice is rooted in careful planning and a rigorous, time-tested process. When we receive a referral or direct inquiry from a potential client, our first step is to provide a no-obligation, complimentary valuation and market assessment. In addition to providing you with valuable information, this also allows our team to ensure there is an alignment of expectations and fit with our firm. 

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Once an engagement begins, it’s essential that we prepare marketing materials with precision and care, telling the true story of a business and ensuring the right potential partners are approached. That’s why we carefully curate a list of potential partners or acquirers for the business. Because of our longevity and reputation in the market, True North has access to hundreds of potential buyers: private companies, private equity, family offices, and publicly traded companies. And when it comes to choosing a potential buyer, the final decision rests solely with our clients. 

As a full-service firm, True North guides the process from start to finish, including the negotiation of multiple proposals, facilitating the selection of a partner based on a combination of enterprise value and cultural fit, and remaining involved in every step of the process as we move towards a successful closing of the transaction.

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Acquisition Transactions

In addition to assisting in the sale of a business, we also have a dedicated practice helping companies, families, or individuals acquire one or more businesses. For these buy-side—or corporate development—engagements, True North is involved in helping shape the strategic rationale and identification of acquisition targets. In other cases, we are asked to initiate a process after an acquisition candidate has been identified by our client. In either case, True North will:

  • Prepare a company valuation
  • Analyze the financial impact on your company
  • Create a letter of intent
  • Manage the execution of the transaction

As we work with management teams on this process, we take pride in sharing our expertise and prior experiences and equipping our client to succeed on this transaction in preparation for the next one.

Other M&A Services

From time-to-time, True North may be involved in engagements that do not fall clearly into our primary practice areas. Examples include mergers, partnerships, and alliances. In other instances, we may be asked to perform specialized services pertaining to corporate finances such as assisting in bank financing or executing special diligence assignments or market assessments. If you have a project you believe aligns with our skillset, let’s talk. 


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