About Us

True North is a premier advisory firm dedicated to providing medium-sized businesses with expert advice. The firm offers corporate merger and acquisition, strategic, financial, and nonprofit advisory services. True North was founded in 2002 by our Managing Principal, Chris Goeglein, with the goal of providing a professional, sophisticated skillset typically only found in major market firms. Over the next several years, True North focused on building a deeply experienced team, primarily with executives from Lincoln National Corporation. With four principals and over 100 years of combined transaction experience, True North has helped more than 300 clients, for merger and acquisition deal volume totaling approximately $1 billion.

True North Continues to Grow

Our team has continued to expand over the years, consistent with our advice to clients of building the next generation of leaders. Today, we are one of the largest boutique investment banking teams in the Midwest and are strategically positioned to provide superior, high-touch service to our clients across the United States.

4 Principals
brass compass

True North isn’t a place you can find with a compass alone.

The phrase “true north” refers to the earth’s true north pole, or axis of spin. Our name embodies our mission and purpose to guide you in the perfect direction every time.

Did you know that a magnetic compass points toward “magnetic north,” and not to the true North Pole? Because of this, the difference in degrees between “magnetic north” and “true north,” though slight, makes a significant impact on any journey to the North Pole. If you were traveling there today, you’d miss it by about 300 miles.

Don’t miss your mark. Let us guide your company in the right direction. At True North Strategic Advisors, close enough isn’t good enough for us, or you.



The merger and acquisition process is highly complex and specialized, requiring extensive knowledge of the capital markets, buyer/seller universe, and financing strategies. As such, we lend our expertise in long-term planning to business owners who may be considering a merger and acquisition strategy, even in advance of a formal engagement. Once a project is underway, we often involve our extensive network of professional advisors such as attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, and commercial bankers to serve as important team members throughout the transaction process.

True North Our Core Values

Individualized Process

We are focused on understanding the unique objectives of each of our clients. Using our experience and relationships, we tailor a process focused on achieving those objectives.


We are committed to innovation, creativity, and problem solving as keys to success for achieving exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Intense Resilience

We are intensely resilient as we drive towards the completion of a project, a requirement for success in the context of macroeconomic and geopolitical events, or complex company-specific issues that can adversely impact the merger and acquisition process. 


Guided by our faith convictions and value system - our “True North” - we do the right thing every time - ethically, legally, and morally. We serve our clients with independent advice, free from conflicts of interest or outside influences.