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Generation Growth Capital, Inc. Acquires Tri Aerospace, LLC

Tri Aerospace has been acquired by Generation Growth Capital, Inc.

The Principals of True North Strategic Advisors, LLC (“True North”) advised the owners of Tri Aerospace, LLC on the sale of the company to Generation Growth Capital, Inc. The transaction was effective April 19, 2012.

Based in Terre Haute, Indiana, Tri Aerospace is a specialty parts manufacturer for major aerospace and several sub-tier aerospace engine suppliers. Tri Aerospace provides concurrent engineering, project management, and prototype builds on research and development projects.

Tri Aerospace was acquired as part of Generation Growth’s Model 2 Machine Group investment platform. Model 2 Machine Group is a GGC-led consortium of companies that provide OEM customers with rapid prototyping, parts development, near net shape casting development and high tolerance machining.

The Principals of True North, acting in the capacity of registered agents of Burch & Company, Inc. (“Burch”), were the lead strategic and financial advisors to Tri Aerospace on the sale of the business. In order to assist True North with securities related transactions, its principals are registered investment banking agents of Burch & Company, Inc, member FINRA/SiPC. Burch and True North are not affiliated entities.

Sale Transaction
Tri Aerospace has been acquired by Generation Growth Capital, Inc.
Deal date
April 19, 2012
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Sale Transaction
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