Pro Products - American Hydro

Pro Products, LLC Acquires American Hydro Systems, Inc.

True North advised Pro Products, LLC in its acquisition of American Hydro Systems, Inc. The acquisition was completed on March 27, 2007.

American Hydro Systems, Inc., a St. Petersburg, Florida-based business, makes chemicals and systems used to treat well water used in residential, industrial and commercial irrigation systems as well as plant nursery irrigation systems. American Hydro’s product lines include rust stain removal and prevention chemicals and systems, and fertilizers and fertilizer feeder systems for small scale irrigation.

Pro Products, LLC is a member of the Summit Brands group, headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Pro Products, LLC is a privately-held company that provides high quality, competitive, water treatment and cleaning products to fit the specific needs of the water conditioning and wholesale industries.

Pro Products acquired American Hydro in an effort to expand its product offering, attain a more diverse customer base and use its highly-developed distribution chain to enhance the sales of American Hydro products.