Bostwick Braun - Steel City Products 503 X 792

The Bostwick-Braun Company Acquires Steel City Products, Inc.

True North advised The Bostwick-Braun Company in its acquisition of Steel City Products, Inc. The acquisition was completed on October 31, 2006.

Steel City Products, LLC, a Pittsburgh, PA-based distribution business, was formerly owned by Sterling Construction Company, Inc. (NASDAQ GS: STRL), located in Houston, TX. Steel City Products distributes automotive, lawn and garden, and pet products throughout the United States.

The Bostwick-Braun Company, headquartered in downtown Toledo, OH, is a privately-held wholesale hardware distributor and industrial supplier. It is Toledo’s third oldest business, having opened its doors in 1855. The company has distribution centers located in Ashley, Indiana and Lorain, Ohio.

Bostwick-Braun acquired Steel City Products in an effort to expand its product offering, while attaining a more diverse customerbase. SteelCity Products has consistently been a well run, profitable company and according to Bostwick-Braun, will mesh well with its business.